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Reversible weather-resistant polypropylene mats are UV-stabilized to prevent fading and resistant to mold and mildew.

Material "Breathes" so it won't kill grass underneath.



If you must have one, a $200.00 fee will be charged to replace damaged grass.

6.    Gray and black water is NOT permitted to be drained on the ground.

7.    Camper’s Guests are required to register at the office.  There is a $3.00 per night per person charge for any guest’s or additional campers over the designated number of 2 campers per site.

8.    Washing of vehicles is strictly prohibited.

9.    QUIET HOURS:  Weekends 11pm-7am.  Weekdays 10pm-7am

10.    DO NOT cut or deface any vegetation. 

Lake Hartwell RV Park Rules

​18yrs and older

Please Read

Revised 06/26/2016
    Welcome, we hope that your stay is a pleasant one.  Lake Hartwell RV Park is a small adult park and we want you to feel at home.  There are a few simple rules we ask that you follow to help keep the park nice and the rates low.  Rates are based on 2 adult occupants.  For additional occupants, there is a $3.00 per occupant per night charge.

1.    Speed limit of 5 mph applies for all modes of          transportation. (NO vehicles with modified exhausts)

2.    Check in is 1:00 pm and check out  is noon  

3.    Full payment for stay is due at check-in

4.    One camping unit & one vehicle per site.  Additional vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. shall be parked in designated parking or storage areas.  All vehicles must be registered at the office.

5.    Pets shall be on a leash and under control at all times (county ordinance), owners shall clean up after their pets.  All solid waste must be bagged, removed and disposed.

Lake Hartwell RV Park

11.    Alcohol beverages shall be consumed in a mature Responsible manner.  Be considerate of your neighbors & fellow campers.

12.    Clothes lines are prohibited.  Laundry facilities are provided (bathing-suits & towels may be air dried)

13.    NO firearms, firecrackers, sparklers or explosives permitted.

14.    NO refunds 

15.    Failure to comply & abide by the above rules may lead to a request to leave the park with no refund.

16.    Park Management is NOT responsible for the loss or damage of your personal property caused by fire, theft, accident, vandalism or other acts of GOD.

17.   Do Not Put Trash In Fire Rings

               NO DRAMA                       

RV's We Do Not Allow In Our Park

We do not discriminate as to the age of your RV, 

But we do have certain requirements!

1.  Your RV cannot have plywood windows or other       materials pretending to be windows.

2. You cannot use tarp or other covers on your RV.

3. No customized A/C units hanging out of you              window or cut into the side of your RV.

4. No Cobbled/Spliced Electric Cords